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Search your favourite websites without getting tracked online!


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What Keeps You Safe

We've put in maximum effort in making sure you don't have to worry about a thing when you use Snap Search.

Incognito Keyboard

Your keyboard does not read, record or remember anything you type inside Snap Search.

Browser Safety

Cookies, History, Cache Storage and even Javascript trackers have been turned off.

VPN Mode

Turning on VPN Mode will bounce your request through our various VPN servers.

No Permissions

No permissions at all, which means others cannot use it either.

Internal Blocker

We block all obtrusive Ads and trackers internally, you can sit back and relax.

No Signup

No need to create user accounts. Install and start using instantly.

Smart Suggestions

Just like you experience anywhere else, get smart suggestions based on what you type. The only difference here, is that these suggestions aren't affected by your past searches and are delivered to you 100% bias free.

Live Trends

Stay up to date with what's trending around you and search in just 1 tap. Just like suggestions, these trends have no connection to any of your activity and are general trends around the world.

Incognito Keyboard

We even make sure the keyboard you use cannot spy on you. It won't learn or remember what you type, and will not save and show as suggestions either.

Quick Bookmarks

Search something frequently? Avoid having to type the same thing again and again, and load them in just 1 tap by using Bookmarks.

Trending News

Read the news from within the app without getting tracked or followed. The news you're interested in reading is of your interest alone and protected from snoopy eyes all over the internet. You can also filter the news based on Country and Category.

Homescreen Widgets

First time on Android, use widgets to search incognito faster than ever before. You can create widgets for your favourite search terms and/or search engines.