About Snap Search

Helping individuals search the web without getting tracked online. Have you ever searched something on Google, and ended up seeing ads on Instagram, Facebook or wherever else you go? Snap Search is for you. We stop this.

Snap Search is an incognito browser + private browser + search engine – an all in one solution in the privacy revolution. Its a feature rich browser, and it’s in permanent private mode – it has an inbuilt ad blocker, hiding mechanism from trackers, one tap bookmarks, home screen widgets and lots more.

Features List

No Permissions

We don’t ask for any permissions because a browser doesn’t require any. The other browsers violate them.

No Sign Up

You don’t need an account to use this at any point of time. We don’t store or track any data, so an account is pointless too.

No Ads

We are not interested in monetisation through ads. They’re ugly and spoil the user experience.

Ad Blocker

We have an in-built Ad Blocker that blocks 99.999% of ads found online.

Tracker Blocker

We prevent the even organizations from snooping on your private searches online.

45+ Search Engines

The largest directory of instant search websites provided by any browser ever.

Save Web Pages Offline 

Save your page offline and load them instantly without any internet next time.

Floating Browser for Android

For the time first time, browse websites in a floating bubble while using any app.

Integrated VPN Proxy

No need for any extra VPN. We make everything you do on here extra secure.

Unbiased News Delivery 

We deliver news to you from various sources without any bias, i.e. not based on your previous history or preferences.

World Trends

We fetch what’s trending in the world through Google, Twitter and other sources for you to search about quickly.

Light Weight

At around ~9MB this is the smallest browser with SO many features packed into it.

Multiple Themes 

Comes with a dark theme by default, but has a light option as well for those who like it.

Multiple Languages

Currently translated in 10+ languages for users around the world, soon to be in more as well.

Many More …

We couldn’t possibly list everything. You must try it yourself too ?

Screenshots & Media


Snap Search App Store Screenshot VPN
Snap Search Dark mode Screenshot

Fact Sheet


Rajat Vaghani
from Bangalore, India


18th July, 2019

  • Downloads: 20,000+
  • DAU: ~350
  • MAU: ~4,000