We make the Internet a Safer Place

Snap Search is a privacy-first browser for Android that is always in ‘Super Incognito Mode‘. Use Snap Search to search the web without worrying about getting tracked online. It’s also the first browser for Android that asks for ZERO Permissions. Your data is finally safe.

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Why use Snap Search ?

Everything you search online follows you on almost every website you visit. Organizations use your data without your permission and even sell it to others. Use Snap Search and stop this from happening. It’s free, and so easy! It keeps you protected from snoopy eyes and evil organizations.

How do we protect you?

Snap Search uses a combination of multiple methods to keep all users secure while using our private browser:


    Using Snap Search does not require any permissions; we do not need any information on your device and keep it away from others too.


    Download and stay protected instantly. No tedious, long, unnecessary sign up process. We don’t care or want to know who you are at Snap Search.


    Your keyboard will remain incognito so it doesn’t learn what you type, as well as everything you search and browse online – it’s deleted instantly and can never be recovered or traced back to you.

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Features List

All the stuff we do to make Snap Search a safer, faster and more intuitive private browsing experience on Android.

No Ads on Snap Search

No monetisation through ads. They’re ugly and spoil the user experience. Your private browsing is ad free.

Ad Blocker

Snap Search comes with an in-built Ad Blocker that blocks 99.999% of ads found online.

Tracker Blocker

Snap Search prevents evil organizations from snooping on your private searches online.

Dark Mode For All Websites

Browse your favourite websites on Android using Snap Search in dark mode even if they do not support it.

Reader Mode

Remove all the unnecessary clutter from your web pages and read them with ease, now on Android using Snap Search.

60+ Search Engines

The largest directory of instant search websites provided by any Android private browser ever.

Save Web Pages Offline 

Save your page offline and load them instantly without any internet next time.

Floating Browser for Android

For the time first time, browse websites in a floating bubble while using any app.

Integrated VPN Proxy

No need for any extra VPN. We make everything you do on here extra secure.

TOR Mode 

We even have TOR inbuilt, also allowing you to connect securely to the onion network.

World Trends

We fetch what’s trending in the world through Google, Twitter and other sources for you to search about quickly.

Light Weight

At around ~4MB this is the smallest browser with SO many features packed into it.

Download Videos

Download YouTube on Android, and from other popular platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Tik-Tok and more!

Live Translation

Translate your web pages to the language of your choice. Even set it up to do it automatically for you.

Many More …

We couldn’t possibly list everything. You must try it yourself too ?

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We save you time and keep you safe

Snap Search allows you to search more than 45 websites in the simplest way possible without having to remember links or waste time. Known to be 33% faster.


Select the website you want to search and get results directly, skip everything else in between.


Search various categories directly in incognito mode, such as: Search Engines, Shopping, News, Adult, Education, Entertainment etc.

Our Team

The people behind all the magic and are on a mission to make the world a better place.

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User Reviews

I love this app and I’m only using this now!! Till now no problem with the app its working flawlessly????

Great potential. Works as promised. With very good developer support.

I love this app and I’m only using this now!! Till now no problem with the app its working flawlessly.

I’m just extra happy this works as its supposed to. I’ve been getting unbias results everytime and I genuinely feel safe online now. It just simply works.

I’ve been using this for so long, I must say it works. Nothing I’ve searched for using this has led to any kind of advertising on Facebook or Instagram. I feel very protected using this.

Snap Search is the best search app to protect you and your information online. Easy to use and understand. At this time, I have had NO issues of any kind with this app.

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Download Snap Search now and stay safe online!

Why get tracked online when you can protect yourself for free?


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