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Android’s Best Privacy Browser Unlocked

This wasn’t a tough decision to make and it might even be bad for our conversions to paid users, but we just wanted to share more with everyone! These are some really cool features and we felt like everyone should get to use it for free without paying. Starting with the latest update, Android’s Best Privacy Browser is now even more powerful (for free) with some really solid features now.

App Updates

Download Videos on Android – App Update V7

Download videos on Android

Snap Search always stood out for how feature rich it is compared to other browsers. Everything is built right in so you don’t need to rely on any other service for what you need. This is an even better option when you can’t rely on every service being as 100% privacy oriented as we are. With this update, we’ve improved two of our most popular features – Video Downloader (making it super easy to download videos on Android), and Quick Scroll Widget. Let’s get into it!

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