Best Private Browsers Made in India

With the increasing focus on Privacy online, one of the least focused areas remains the browsers you use. While it’s clearly established Chrome and others are not good for your privacy, in this post, we’re going to look at the Best Private Browsers Made in India and compare them with each other!

Best Private Browsers Made in India

We’re going to compare the three most popular ones – JioPages, Epic Browser and Snap Search.

Quick Comparison

Best Private Browsers for Android

1) App Download Size

Winner: Snap Search
How to Verify: Play store pages of each app

While it’s true that nowadays most devices come with a lot of storage options, nobody wants to sit and wait for such large applications to be downloaded. JioPages stands out here with a size > 100 MB. One can only wonder what’s bundled in their application that requires such a huge download?

Snap Search clearly blows away the competition with the smallest size by miles!

2) App Permissions

Winner: Snap Search
How to Verify: Permissions section on your device/play store (screenshot)

A question that remains unanswered for years! Why do browsers ask for permissions to sensitive information on your device?

This is a no brainer. No permissions given means even websites can’t access data on your device. Snap Search is the only one to not require a single external permission.

3) VPN/Proxy Mode

Winner: Snap Search
How to Verify: Can be verified inside each app

It’s not a necessity in any browser to support proxy mode – but it’s an amazing feature to have. While Snap Search and Epic Browser, both support this, the only reason Snap Search comes on top is the support for more locations.

4) Search Engines

Winner: Snap Search
How to Verify: Can be verified inside the app

Everyone has their preferred choice of Search engines. You might feel safe searching using Google, while someone else might prefer DuckDuckGo, or StartPage. What’s really important is to cater to everyone’s preferences and not let users feel restricted.

Snap Search has the largest support of engines, easily.

5) Block Analytics

Winner: Snap Search
How to Verify: Run a test against a website that uses Google Analytics

How good is the Ad/Analytics/Tracker blocker of a browser if it doesn’t even block the most common analytics platform used on the web? Neither JioPages, nor Epic Browser blocked Google Analytics on the test we ran. This should be basic.

6) Device Fingerprinting

Winner: Snap Search
How to Verify: Try out this test on all 3 browsers at

The test is self explanatory – and unfortunately JioPages and Epic, both have ‘Incognito’ modes that simply do not work.

So, what do you think? With Snap Search standing out in all 6 tests – do you want to give it a try and see for yourself? ????

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