Snap Search has tons of features that separate it from the competition. With Premium Mode, the experience of browsing the web safely is taken to another level by unlocking many more features! In brief, they are:

  • Integrated Proxy VPN
  • Unlocking more Website Options
  • Accessing websites offline
  • Auto Translate Web Pages (Starting V5.4)
  • Pattern Lock Protection (Starting V5.5)
  • Edit Web Pages
  • Video downloader

Read on to know about them more in detail.

Premium Mode Benefits

1) Integrated Proxy VPN

There are two main reasons why you might need a proxy:

  1. Accessing unblocked content: A lot of websites & content is locked in different regions due to various factors. Eg:
    – There are some places where YouTube or Facebook is blocked/inaccessible.
    – Netflix has different libraries for different countries.
  2. To protect your identity: Get yourself another IP address and protect yourself on the websites you browse. This even protects you from getting tracked by your ISP.

Generally you would need a separate VPN app to protect yourself. However, with Snap Search, you do not need anything else. This functionality is inbuilt – so while you’re paying for ALL the features of Snap Search Premium, you’re also saving yourself the cost of getting an additional app for this. Not all companies have a strict Privacy Policy like us though – so that’s an important factor too.


Maintaining Private Proxy servers is costly, it would be extremely difficult to run those without a source of income.

2) Unlock All Websites

While a major focus has been on privacy – Snap Search is also really, really fast. It’s equally important mission is to make it easier to search the web. You’ll find a curated list of 50+ websites/search engines for easy, quick searching through Snap Search. A fair share of these engines are free for all users, and the rest of them can be unlocked through premium mode. Sample use case could be:

Searching for a movie on IMDb? Generally you’d do one of the following:

  1. Search for IMDb on Google, open the website, and then search for your movie on IMDb
  2. Open and then search for your movie

Using Snap Search, all you got to do is select IMDb from the options and then enter your search term.

3) Access Websites Offline

Snap Search allows you to save unlimited websites offline and access them without internet whenever you need to. This capability exists without the need of any permissions. It’s worth thinking why other browsers do not have such a feature – and yet ask for so many permissions. What do they do with your data?

4) Auto Translate Websites (Starting V5.4)

Snap Search is for everybody. Unfortunately, not all websites are made with the same feeling. It’s definitely more convenient to browse websites in your native language. Starting with V5.4, you can setup Auto Translate in Snap Search.

Using Auto Translate, once completely loaded, Snap Search will automatically translate web pages to the language of your choice.

5) Pattern Lock Protection

Snap Search does wonders when it comes to protecting your privacy online. But what about your offline privacy? If your device comes into the wrong hands, your bookmarks, downloads and everything else gets exposed. There could be certain situations where you wouldn’t want that. For those reasons and more, starting with V5.5, you can now specifically protect your sensitive content using a customisable pattern lock.

6) Edit Web Pages

First time on Mobile, you can edit static content on websites you visit. This involves adding, removing or changing what you see on a page. The only reason this is a paid feature is to acknowledge that this is more powerful than it seems and can be misused.

Here’s a demo video on YouTube.

7) Download Videos Offline

Download videos using Snap Search

Snap Search has another unique feature you won’t find in any browser today – the ability to directly download webpages in a single button tap right from within the browser itself. You can read about it and the supported websites in detail here.

We hope these points were convincing enough to go for a premium plan. If you have any doubts or would like to know something more, we’re always available for support:


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