By building Snap Search, I made a commitment to try my best to provide a safe way for everyone to search the web. However, I’ve also learnt that each of us have more responsibilities in life – one such being a commitment to the environment.

One Tree Planted Snap Search

I am not going to try to preach about why it’s necessary. Instead I am going to assume that it’s obvious by now and you understand it already. Alone, I probably cannot make enough of a difference – but with your support, we together can make a lot of impact! YOU can make a difference.

Our Commitment to the Environment:

Starting with August, Snap Search is going to plant one tree for every subscription/purchase of Snap Search premium. We plan to do this with the help of OneTreePlanted.

For example:

  • Subscriptions/Purchases: 100
  • Number of trees planted: 100

Snap Search was not created for profit, and the only reason premium mode even exists is to bare the costs of services and to support further development (read about it here). Using the revenue generated for an amazing purpose like this seems like the right thing to do. My sincere hope is that together we plant many many trees each month.

Thank you for being a user! Also, don’t forget to leave us a nice review/rating on the Play Store if you haven’t already ????

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