Trees planted in September 2020

As part of our Commitment to the Environment, the month of August had a total of 17 new subscriptions, which means 17 trees planted in September 2020. This month, trees were planted in India.

Quick Recap

For those who aren’t aware – Snap Search has partnered up with OneTreePlanted and made a Commitment to the Environment back in July. We promised to plant a tree for each subscription we receive, each month.

While September 2020 saw lesser trees compared to August, it was still a good month with the updates that were rolled out. We expect coming months to be higher in number. We do not collect names or email addresses at any point so we don’t have any way to thank you individually, so if you’re a premium user, please consider this post as a thank you to you. If you’re not a premium user, we still thank you for using Snap Search. Also, it’s not too late – we plan on planting trees every month. You can still subscribe for premium access and support the development and the environment. Have any doubts about either of them? Let us know ????

PS: Don’t forget to leave us a review on the store if you haven’t already ????????

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