App Update V5.3 for Snap Search

In the latest App Update: V5.3 for Snap Search, we’ve got improvements everywhere! We added a highly request feature (a way to manage your downloads), new search engines, UI improvements, app shortcuts and improved on existing features like ad block. So, in no particular order – let’s dive right into what’s new in App Update: V5.3.

Download Manager

Using Snap Search, downloading content has always been easy, but it’s been difficult finding the downloaded content later. Each manufacture would handle it differently, and a lot of users complained of not being able to find the downloaded files at all. If you use Snap Search, you know that we respect your privacy and don’t ask for permissions. On Android, however, to store files permissions are necessary.

We weren’t going to change our policies because of that though. Asking for storage permissions makes your device vulnerable to websites you visit as well – and we don’t want to compromise on your privacy at any cost. We rewrote our download system from ground up and managed to find a way to store the files in a container that doesn’t require permissions. It’s a bit technical, but would love to share with whoever is interested – message me on Twitter.

Coming back to the point – all your downloads will now be listed in the downloads sheet which would previously only hold the offline pages. It’s easy to distinguish between files and webpages, and to even make it easier we’ve added a Search and Filter option as well. Check it out:

Download manager on Snap Search

App Shortcuts

While we’ve always kept iterating on our privacy focused features, this update has an improvement for speed too. You can quickly get to common actions by long-pressing on the app icon on your home screen.

Currently, the two actions are to ‘Search’ and ‘Open Bookmarks’. Let us know if you would like something else there too?

App shortcuts for Snap Search
  • Search: Will immediately open the app and the keyboard for you to start searching, saves 1 tap (which is a lot, too)
  • Open Bookmarks: Opens the app and the bookmarks list. Saves so much time and actions here too.

New Search Engines

We’ve added 5 new Search Engines/Websites in this update, bringing the total to 64 now.

Here are the new ones:

  • Mojeek
  • Ecosia
  • Etsy
  • Target
  • Flipkart
  • Gamepedia

General Improvements

  • Ad Block: While we already had a very efficient blocker, we made changes and improvements which should better the chances of it not getting detected by websites. It should also block ads/trackers/analytics better now.
  • UI Improvements: We switched the secondary font to something much better looking. It was about time…
  • Improvement to Floating Window: Performs and looks much better now.

We hope you like the update! If you also like Snap Search and haven’t already, do show your support by leaving us a nice review on the play store. It helps spread the word about us.

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