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We’re excited to announce a new update to Snap Search, our fast and private browser that helps you search the web securely and anonymously. This latest release includes several new features and improvements, all designed to make your browsing experience even better. We’re specially excited about Guest Mode. Let’s start with each of them:

Guest Mode

One of the most exciting new features in this update is Guest Mode. This feature allows you to hand your phone over to others without worrying about them accessing other browser functions. With Guest Mode, your friends and family can view the current page without being able to navigate, open links, or perform any other actions. This makes sharing your device with others safe and hassle-free.

This is also the first time any browser has introduced a feature like this. To be fair, this is as far as we know (comment below if we’re wrong). Guest mode is a game changer, specially if you have friends & family who like to scroll or tap on the screen when you share your phone to show them something. This also keeps other content in the browser protected – like your bookmarks.

Activate guest mode from the menu and lock the view on the current page.

Toggle Trends View

We’ve also added an easy way to toggle between detailed trends view and simple grid view. This was always possible, but the option was inside the settings menu. We found this a decent enough place to add the toggle button so thought why not.

New quick toggle trends view
Quickly switch between different viewing styles

Improved Proxy Functionality

We’re always working to improve the proxy functionality in Snap Search, and this latest update includes several enhancements to make your browsing experience even smoother. You’ll notice faster page loads and improved stability, even when browsing on slow or unreliable connections.

Upgraded Ad Block Lists

Finally, we’ve upgraded our ad block lists to provide even better protection against annoying ads and pop-ups. With our updated lists, you’ll experience a cleaner, more streamlined browsing experience.

We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements in the latest version of Snap Search. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for future updates. Thanks for choosing Snap Search for your browsing needs!

Oh, and here’s the link to get it quickly: Play Store

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