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Download Videos on Android – App Update V7

Download videos on Android

Snap Search always stood out for how feature rich it is compared to other browsers. Everything is built right in so you don’t need to rely on any other service for what you need. This is an even better option when you can’t rely on every service being as 100% privacy oriented as we are. With this update, we’ve improved two of our most popular features – Video Downloader (making it super easy to download videos on Android), and Quick Scroll Widget. Let’s get into it!

App Updates

Translate Websites on Android – App Update 5.4

This update for Snap Search is very important for quite a few reasons. The two standout reasons are the introduction of a new feature – the ability to finally translate websites on Android using Snap Search; and the removal of an existing feature: News. Apart from these two, the update mostly has a lot fo polishing and subtle improvements which we’ll talk about briefly too. Let’s start with the bigger ones:

App Updates

App Update: V5.3

App Update V5.3 for Snap Search

In the latest App Update: V5.3 for Snap Search, we’ve got improvements everywhere! We added a highly request feature (a way to manage your downloads), new search engines, UI improvements, app shortcuts and improved on existing features like ad block. So, in no particular order – let’s dive right into what’s new in App Update: V5.3.

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