It’s always exciting sharing good news. This time, the excitement is even more – I’m happy to share that Snap Search has finally reached the milestone number of 100,000 completed searches through the app. This means, a minimum of 100,000 times users have maintained privacy while browsing and searching the web! ????

Reached Milestone of Snap Search 100,000 searches completed

How I Reached the Milestone

From July, 2019 till 1st January, 2020, more than 33,000 searches were completed. From January to May, we’ve done more than 67,000 searches – double the number of searches compared to the previous period! ✨

Can’t really complain about the journey though. I probably faced 1 (big) hiccup with Google suspending the app all of a sudden, but that wasn’t going to stop me. Managed to get it back and then continued to work even harder on it!

These past 10 months have been extremely satisfying. Building features for Snap Search felt like reinventing the browser for Android, and every time when I thought “What next?”, I’d always find something new to add.

Along with having reached this milestone, there are quite a few more we’ve crossed:

  • More than 100 subscribers
  • ~$200 in MRR
  • 6000+ Bookmarks
  • ~800 Daily Active Users

While these numbers look great and feel great, it’s not enough for sure. If I can do 2x, or even 3x of these numbers I’ll be incredibly happy!

Fingers crossed, hoping to make a similar post (very) soon! ✌????

PS: Don’t forget to share Snap Search with your friends ????

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