Everyone must be aware of the latest Google Chrome update announced on May 19th, 2020. It’s part of the company’s continuous effort to improve Chrome – and we feel it is definitely required. The real question is, does the latest update make it (finally) safe to use?

Is Google Chrome finally safe to use?

Is the latest Chrome update safer?

If you read through their official post, you’ll see Google talking a lot about their improvements with new security features, extension management, site content settings, they even moved the clear history options up on top for easy access. Does any of that make the browser more secure?

Below are some of the reasons why I still feel Chrome is not safe to use:

  • In its attempt to check whether you’re visiting a ‘safe’ site, it sends data to it’s servers to verify the same. Storing user’s visits is not a good practice obviously.
  • It doesn’t block harmful ads, trackers, or analytics. Knowing how widely used Google Analytics is, and that it’s their product, I’m very sure they never will block it anyways.
  • Blocking ads, trackers or analytics using Chrome requires adding extensions to the browser. These extensions can further access the sites you visit, tabs you open etc. How many companies do you trust your privacy with?
  • The folks at Google said they now cross check and let users know if their passwords saved with Chrome have been compromised in a data breach. The fact that Google cross checks my passwords and even has the ability to do so worries me.

There are obviously many more concerns regarding how vulnerable a user is if he’s using Chrome – and this holds true irrespective if you’re an Android, Windows, iOS, macOS or a user of any platform.

What’s the alternative then?


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