Snap Search vs Brave Browser

Brave Browser is one of the most known private browser solutions today. But is it truly the best out there? We’re going to show how Snap Search is a better alternative for Brave Browser in this space.

How is Snap Search a Better Alternative for Brave Browser?

Snap Search and Brave Browser are both available on Android and share a common goal – providing a safe and secure internet for its users. A browser needs to be more than just that though – and when there are so many, they must have some sort of Unique Selling Point (USP). Let’s see how they fare against each other and if Snap Search is a better alternative for Brave Browser:

  • Does not request for a single permission, ever.
  • Integrated proxy support for extra privacy online.
  • Successfully Blocked Google Analytics (example)
  • Has ~46 Supported Popular Search Engines
  • Automatically clears history, cookies and all data.
  • Smaller APK Size
  • Higher App Store Rating
  • Requests for too many unnecessary permissions (location, microphone, contacts etc)
  • No support for proxy or VPN included.
  • Failed in blocking Google Analytics (example)
  • Only support for DuckDuckGo Engine
  • Stores your browsing data until you clear it.
  • Larger APK Size
  • Lower App Store Rating

To be fair, Brave Browser does have a few advantages over Snap Search. It has a reputed already established brand behind it, and it has tabbed navigation. But if you’re willing to sacrifice that, Snap Search is definitely a better alternative to Brave Browser today.

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