Snap Search vs DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is known originally for challenging Google by providing a more privacy friendly search engine solution. But is it truly the best out there? We’re going to show how Snap Search is a better alternative for DuckDuckGo in this space.

How is Snap Search a Better Alternative for DuckDuckGo?

Snap Search and DuckDuckGo are both available on Android and share a common goal – providing a safe and secure internet for its users. A browser needs to be more than just that though – and when there are so many, they must have some sort of Unique Selling Point (USP). Let’s see how they fare against each other and if Snap Search is a better alternative for DuckDuckGo:

  • Does not request for permission
  • Does not request for permission
  • Integrated proxy support for extra privacy online.
  • Successfully Blocked Google Analytics (example)
  • Has ~46 Supported Popular Search Engines
  • Automatically clears history, cookies and all data.
  • Smaller APK Size
  • User Friendly Onboarding
  • Requests for Storage Permission
  • Requests for Photos Permission
  • No support for proxy or VPN included.
  • Failed in blocking Google Analytics (example)
  • Only supports their own Search Engine
  • Stores your browsing data until you clear it.
  • Larger APK Size
  • Long compulsory User Onboarding process.

To be fair, DuckDuckGo Browser does have a few advantages over Snap Search. It has a reputed already established brand behind it, and it has tabbed navigation. But if you’re willing to sacrifice that, Snap Search is definitely a better alternative to DuckDuckGo today.

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