Better alternative for Google Chrome

Who hasn’t used Google Chrome before? You’ve probably used it on your Android phone, iPhone, Mac, Windows, iPad – basically any device out there. However, did you know there is a better alternative for Google Chrome? Let’s find out.

How is Snap Search a better Alternative for Google Chrome?

Snap Search and Google Chrome are both available on Android but are very different browsers. The latter is owned by one of the largest and most powerful organizations in the world – while the former is by an Indie Hacker. A browser cannot be trusted just on that though, it needs to be more than just that – and when there are so many, they must have some sort of Unique Selling Point (USP). Let’s see how they fare against each other and if Snap Search is a better alternative for Google Chrome:

Snap Search

  • Does not ask for any permission (!!)
  • Owns 0 of your data, does not know who you are.
  • APK download is ~8MB
  • Comes with inbuilt VPN for extra security and protection online.
  • Has more than 45 search engine options.
  • Small lightweight app, does not take up much space or battery

Google Chrome

  • Asks over 20 different permissions unnecessarily
  • You cannot hide from Google, makes it even harder when you use their browser.
  • APK download is ~50MB
  • Does not have any such provision
  • You’re mostly stuck with Google, sorry.
  • Chrome on the phone is as bad as Chrome on the laptop in terms of battery and space.

To be fair, Google Chrome does have a few advantages over Snap Search. It has a reputed already established brand behind it, and it has tabbed navigation. But if you’re willing to sacrifice that, Snap Search is definitely a better alternative to Google Chrome today.

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