update v5.2 search engines for android

By now, there is no doubt that Snap Search is one of the best browsers for safeguarding user’s privacy. We repeatedly have blocked more ads-trackers-analytics than our competition, have unique offerings in terms of features, and are leading the privacy revolution by standing with our policy of ZERO permissions. However, Snap Search is also known for it’s speed. Searching via our browser is 30% faster than using others, and we boast the largest list of Search Engines for Android. With this update, we give you options!

Customise Search Engines

In the latest update, we added 4 new websites to our list, bringing the total number to 58 engines/websites now available! You can view the full list here.

These websites are divided into 6 main categories:

  • Search Engines
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Social
  • Shopping
  • Education

Having such a huge list can be a bit difficult to go through each time. We want to make it even easier for users to do just that. With update v5.2, you have the option of hiding/showing the engines you specifically want to.

Note: You can hide a full category of engines just by hiding all the engines that belong in that category.

The only limitation here is you cannot hide the currently selected engine. If you’re searching using DuckDuckGo, you cannot hide that.

Other Improvements

Some small UI and performance improvements have been made throughout, which we’re hoping results in a much more snappy and smoother performance experience for all of you.


Is there anything you specifically want to see in the next app update? Is there any website/search engine you want us to add? Let us know, we value your opinion immensely. You can do so by commenting below, or using the Contact Form, sending us a mail or messaging us on WhatsApp. We get back to each and every message without fail.

PS: Want to check out a cool little test we did? We tried 15 of the most popular news sites and checked how many ads-trackers-analytics we blocked and the results were crazy! Read about it here.

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