Snap Search 2019: Year in Review

Considering the fact that Snap Search launched in 2019 (July, to be price), this post 2019: Year in Review actually comprises of everything from launch till now.

Since the launch in July of 2019, Snap Search has experienced plenty of milestones. I’ve tried to highlight a few of them on this blog and some of it is on IndieHackers.

Disclaimer: We do not track users, collect user data and have absolutely no idea who our users are and who is searching for what. We only have anonymous statistics such as engines used and how many bookmarks are made through Firebase events. We do not require users to sign in, create accounts or anything of that sort. We do not even ask for any user permissions, enforcing our principle of 100% privacy online. All Data presented in 2019: Year in Review is 100% anonymous as well.

Let’s dive into what you’re really for now, and start playing with numbers:

Snap Search Ratings Google Play Store Rating

Google Play Rating stats for Snap Search
Latest stats taken on 01/01/2020

Snap Search Releases App Releases

  • Total releases made from July 2019 – December 2019: 12
  • First Release: 19th July, 2019
  • Latest Release: 10th December, 2019
  • User % on latest version (v 3.2): 92%
  • App Size: 6.0MB
  • Supported Engines: 33
  • Most downloaded country: USA

Snap Search Searches Search Statistics

  • Searches completed: 33,000+
  • Most used Search Engine: Google
  • Least used Search Engine: BestBuy, Twitter, Quora, CNN, Indeed
  • Premium Searches: 2,500+
  • Most popular Paid Engine: Bing & PornHub
  • Average Searches per Day: 220

Snap Search Bookmarks Bookmark Statistics

  • Bookmarks created: 2,100
  • Most bookmarked Engine: Google

Snap Search Purchases Purchase Stats

  • Play Store Subs: 34
  • PayPal Subs: 4
  • Direct Card Subs: 7
  • Monthly Subs: 33
  • Annual Subs: 12

Snap Search News Stats News Stats

  • Articles Read: 6,800+
  • Most common category: Entertainment

Being an alone developer and spending extra hours working on Snap Search, I’m extremely proud of what it has achieved in less than 5 months time. I’m proud, but not satisfied. There is immense scope for growth and hopefully with increased user adoption all the numbers above will grow and improve.

2020 is going to be filled with new features and improvements.

  • Starting with an update planned for release in the first half of January.
  • One major plan is to get the iOS version out the door soon too.
  • Hope to grow to more than 50 supported websites for quick search.
  • Increase revenue generated.
  • Develop swag for Snap Search.

That being said, thank you for being a part of this journey. It’s because of the users and the positive feedback from the community that Indie Developers such as myself can devote time and energy for projects such as Snap Search. We wish you the most successful and joyful year ahead! ?

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