Main website revamp for Snap Search

The new year is less more or less 10 days away… and with that in mind, I felt it would be good to start the new year with a fresh, efficient website revamp.

The idea behind the new site for Snap Search consisted of couple of things I was sure of. Not in any order of importance, these things were:

  • The main website and the blog must merge:
    Before, the main landing page was on whereas the blog existed on They’re both on the former root domain now.
  • Wanted a more appealing design:
    The designs for the blog and landing page were good before too – but we don’t want to settle for just good.
  • Had to improve SEO:
    I don’t think I need to even mention how important this is… But it was very important to drive downloads from the website as well, apart from the organic downloads through the store.

With this change, I have (hopefully) managed to check all the above boxes. Now, I truly feel the design for the website is of quality that is on par with the app – modern, crisp and clean. The only other thing I hope I get from the website revamp is the motivation to post more to the blog. ?

What do you think about the website revamp? Do you like it?

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