→ When you start searching, there’s a little box that asks whether you want to search whatever is copied to your clipboard last. The idea is to save time for the user from having to manually paste it. Disclaimer: the idea was borrowed from Google Chrome.
    → Many users might not be aware of the different search engines and search on Google for them instead. Example: ‘youtube funny cat videos’
    The app will now suggest to change the search engine to YouTube and will automatically change the search query to just ‘funny cat videos’ instead. Intention behind this is to make it faster and get results more directly for the users.

We hope you find this useful. Our aim is to provide the fastest and most secure way to search the web completely keeping your privacy in mind. We’ve done a lot to focus on the privacy bit and want to improve the speed part as well, and hopefully these subtle features do help in searching faster.

Let us know what you think about it, we love suggestions and feedback ?

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