5 Things to Help Work From Home Better

Work From Home is getting incredibly popular and it is increasingly commonly believed that remote work is the future. As days pass by, more and more companies are going remote first, and are hiring individuals from all corners of the world. This list is not comprised of the normal mouse and keyboard essentials to work from home – you should already be having that. These are the Top 5 weird/quirky/unique you never knew you needed to help you work from home better (unless you already have them).

The products I’m mentioning below have a link to purchase from Amazon.in – because that’s where I’m from (India). You could search for the same/similar product wherever it would be most convenient for you.


PRODUCT 1 – Power Backup for Wi-Fi Router

If you have to work from home – you need a constant and reliable Wi-Fi connection no matter what. You could switch to your mobile hotspot, but there is no harm in getting a power backup for your Wi-Fi Router in case of those untimely power outages.

Check it out on Amazon : ₹1,991 ( ~$26 )

PRODUCT 2 – Flexible Stand for Mobiles & Tablets

This is an item I use personally for mobile development when I work from home on Snap Search – but it has many more use cases beyond that. This is something I can guarantee is sturdy, safe to use, and very helpful. It’s got a really good price too.

Check it out on Amazon : ₹549 ( ~$7.5 )

PRODUCT 3 – Extended Mouse Pad

This mouse pad by Amazon themselves is so so good. Makes your table look good, has a good enough grip, and is available in so many sizes. Small things like these lift up your spirits by improving your working environment when you have to work from home.

Check it out on Amazon : ₹679 ( $9.2 )

PRODUCT 4 – Under the Desk Hammock

If you have the space, this is something you must have. It’s so comfortable! Let your legs rest while still taking care of your back by sitting on the chair. This hammock is small enough to fit under your table and hold up your legs.

Check it out on Amazon : ₹699 ( $9.5 )

PRODUCT 5 – Cushion Pad

This Gel Orthopaedic Seat Cushion Pad can be used anywhere! Very comfortable if you plan on sitting straight for long hours. You can also take it wherever you sit around in the house.

Check it out on Amazon : ₹699 ( $8.1 )

Do you know of something too?

Share in the comments below and let’s make another list ?

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