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Translate Websites on Android – App Update 5.4

This update for Snap Search is very important for quite a few reasons. The two standout reasons are the introduction of a new feature – the ability to finally translate websites on Android using Snap Search; and the removal of an existing feature: News. Apart from these two, the update mostly has a lot fo polishing and subtle improvements which we’ll talk about briefly too. Let’s start with the bigger ones:


How the 15 Popular News Sites Track Readers

News websites and how they track readers

As days pass the newspaper keeps getting more redundant. Hardly anybody I know of reads the physical newspaper – in fact the only people I know of are my parents and grandparents. What do the others do? The others open one of the news websites to stay updated with what’s happening. There may be many of us though, who don’t have a fixed website we like to read our news on, and generally open whichever we come across first. Have we ever stopped to think how much the news sites track readers?