App updates generally come in once a month now, but these were small changes that I liked so much myself that I couldn’t wait to release until the end of the month. There are four specific reasons why App Update V4.8 is important.

Reason #1

Browser UI Improvement

It’s a very minor change to the look, but it seems to make a lot of difference. Here’s how the URL bar now looks on Snap Search:

App Update v4.8 Snap Search Browser UI

Reason #2

Scroll to Top

When you’re reading really long content and for some reason you need to get back to the top, it’s a pain to scroll for so long. It’s even more irritating on mobile sometimes. Some websites implement a nice ‘Scroll to Top’ widget on their page, which takes you back to the top when you tap on. However, most websites don’t. Enabling this from the Settings menu in Snap Search, ALL websites will have this widget. It greatly improves your experience of browsing the web (I hope). This is also the only new ‘feature’ of App Update v4.8.

App Update v4.8 Turn on scroll to top Android
Turn it on from the Settings
App Update v4.8 Scroll to top button
Distinct button added to the Page

Reason #3

Full Page Screenshots

Previously, tapping on “Save As Image” in the browser menu would only capture the visible area. Now, you have the option of saving either the full page or the visible area based on your requirement.

Note: Since Snap Search does not ask for permissions, we cannot save it to the gallery by default, so instead we have to share the image with all apps that are compatible. Suggested option is to save the image using one of the apps in the list (eg: Upload to Drive).

Capture web pages App Update v4.8

Reason #4

One Time Purchase Option

Through popular user request, there is now an option to pay for the premium version just once, and it stays unlocked forever. In the Premium page, you’ll now find these options:

  • Annual Subscription : $19.99
  • Monthly Subscription : $2.99
  • One Time Purchase : $32.99

For those that really like Snap Search, this is definitely a very good option. It’s also convenient for some users to pay just once, rather than have a recurring subscription.

What do you think about App Update V4.8? Like it? Let me know.

Also, if you haven’t already, do leave us a nice review and/or rating on the Play Store – it’ll help spread the word about us ????

Thank you for using Snap Search!

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